GEMPAK Color Tables

In my somewhat futile attempt to keep GEMPAK breathing and useful, I occasionally make new custom color tables based on existing NCL color tables.  Below are sample 500-hPa geopotential height plots and descriptions of my available custom tables.

Click on the description to download a .txt file with the color table. In order to fully use the color tables for all output devices, you will have to cp each .txt file into three identical GEMPAK color table files (coltbl.psc, coltbl.tbl, coltbl.xwp) and make sure to have them in the directory from which you run GEMPAK.  Alternatively, you could replace the default color table files in the GEMPAK tables directory (at your own risk). In all color tables, Colors 1 and 32 are set to black, and Color 0 is white. 

The images below are relatively low quality .pngs because I used the Unix convert program.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me (!  Feel free to use as you wish, although credit is always appreciated :)


Based on NCL "sunshine"


Based on NCL "precip"


Based on NCL "Red to white"


Based on NCL "wind"