Severe Weather Field Forecasting Course

ERAU students and instructors have had the unique opportunity to travel to the Great Plains to forecast and observe supercell thunderstorms. The Severe Weather Field Forecasting Course is offered to ERAU Meteorology Majors during some Summer A terms as part of the ERAU Study Abroad Program. Below are videos, pictures, and details from our three trips to the Great Plains.

MAY/June 2019

13 days, 5800 miles, 8 students, 3 tornadoes, and great memories. In May/June 2019, we ran the storm chase course for a 3rd time, culminating in the Waldo/Tipton KS EF2 tornado on May 28th. Below is a map and pictures of our journey!

MAY 2017

12 days, 8 students, many supercells, endless stratus, and drove right up to a tornado on our first day. See below for pictures of our adventure.

MAY 2016

We observed a total of 12 tornado touchdowns, including 11 on one day in Dodge City, Kansas, and traveled more than 6000 total miles!  We also saw the best supercell structure of all-time in Leoti, Kansas. Below are some pictures from our adventure:


Personal Storm Chasing in the Great Plains

I've chased supercells and tornadoes in the Great Plains almost every year since 2006.  Sometimes I even find them.   I've spent a lot of time getting wifi at McDonalds and waiting for caps to break.  I hate the Missouri River and model forecast radar reflectivity.  And don't get me started on Clovis, New Mexico.  

Here are some pictures to prove I'm not entirely supercell repellent :)